Thursday, April 8, 2010

2010 Birthday Guilty Pleasure #9: iPad Games

I got BR an iPad because he really likes his iPhone, but sometimes struggled with the small keyboard. With the optional case that keeps it from sliding all over his lap, the device seems to be a perfect fit.

Then I discovered the game apps. Up until now, I've only dabbled into a couple brain games for my Nintendo DSi. The iPad games are amazing in comparison. The big, bright, beautiful touch screen seems made for gaming.

I started out slowly, playing some games BR had purchased for his iPhone. Flick Fishing didn't play very well, but Skee Ball, Enigmo, and the Moron Test worked great in 2x mode.

Then BR's niece Abby suggested we try Tap Tap Radiation, a free app designed for the iPad. Think Dance Dance Revolution for couch potatoes. The music is fantastic, and the higher levels are very challenging. Even BR enjoys tapping to the beat.

I then took a chance on a for-pay app called Flight Control HD. I think I spent five hours playing it that first night. A perfect game for someone who is used to keeping a lot of plates spinning.


Cranky said...

I ordered Skip an iPad and it's due to arrive on April 13th. Thanks for some ideas of games to look at. She's a big game player, so I think the iPad will be great for her.

steve said...

Hi Cranky - We'd be interested to hear y'all's opinion on both the iPad, and the use of two apostrophes in one word like "y'all's".