Thursday, March 19, 2009

SCS trial to be scheduled for early April

We got the call from ANS yesterday evening. The insurance has approved the spinal cord stimulation trial, and we are tentatively scheduled for April 3rd. I'm still a bit freaked out that we are going to allow someone to implant wires in BR's spine -- wires that will be sticking out for the duration of the trial and connected to a controller. Oh boy! I guess if I got past the suprapubic cystostomy tube, I can get through this. It's only temporary.

Now we just have to knock out this latest UTI, and BR will be good to go. Cipro twice a day for 2 weeks should do it.

We are definitely having a rough transition from Adderall to Provigil. After completely replacing the Adderall, BR's mental fog is back. He's sleeping 12-14 hours at night, and in his chair during the day. All this unconsciousness puts him at a greater risk for pressure sores; I'm being extra vigilant. A call to BR's pain management team lead to the suggestion of reducing the Provigil from 2x to 1x/day, and staying off the Adderall.

steve: "So you are saying that less is more?"
PMT: "Yes."

We'll give it a shot. I leave for California on Sunday, and would really like him to be more self-sufficient for his mother and aunt.


Richie said...

Good luck with the SCS- it sounds scary but so is everything else. I hope it proves worthwhile. The drug regime is very alien to our experience. I hope you can find a balance.

Anonymous said...

As always, my prayers are with you both. Have a safe trip.


Herrad said...

Hello Steve, Hello BR,

Richie is right it does sound scary,really hope it works.

Take care.