Monday, March 9, 2009

Tilting at Windmills

What do you do when the medical community doesn't know how to alleviate your pain? What do you do when the insurance company defers coverage for your prescribed medications for over a week? What do you do when you know there is a weed that will take away your pain, and yet make you a criminal?

I think we all know where this blog is heading. Out of the hospital bed, and into the streets!


mortonlake said...

i know the weed in question works for many,all it does for me is to make me im a wuss,lmao.hope it brings some relief.take care,mort

Herrad said...


Really is dreadful you can not have medicinal cannabis would make all the difference.

Tilting at windmills is very frustrating and gets you nowhere.

Cannabis helps me with everything, in 2007 went without before going round the block with Richie and the dogs and had dreadful spasms all the way.

Came home and had a spliff and set out again and this time nothing not one spasm.

Thinking about you both alot.
Take care.

Richie said...

This morning Herrad woke up calling out in pain some hours before we normally wake. I staggered bleary eyed to the living room and filled her a vaporizer bag. She sucked it in in jerky shallow breaths and then slowly relaxed. Her breathing became regular again and we both got back to sleep. This is not every day but every week I can expect to woken by her calling out in pain once or twice.
Cannabis gives real relief. It is no panacea but nothing else works so well. It is not just pain relief it helps with appetite and mood swings.
MS patients deserve every help they can get- I bet the stuff would grow outside eleven months of the year in Texas- it would cost the government next to nothing to produce.
Low cost and effective. No wonder the pharmo industry keep blocking it.

Herrad said...

Hope you get some relief.

Take care.