Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Monday

My Monday was typical, as steve couldn't wake me up until 10am, and then get me to understand the commands of drink water and take morning pills until 10:45am. Poor darling was terribly frustrated with me. My caregiver, Josue, showed up as usual around 12:08, and relieved steve to go upstairs to work for the afternoon. We had the normal, eternal toileting for 1.5 hours, then shower, then shave, then the painful rolling back and forth to get dressed. Then, it was 3:30pm.

The rest of the day was spent... hmm ... he cleaned up the kitchen, while I was doing ... what?... I can't remember what I was doing.

[BR, at this point gets very frustrated that he can't remember. He wants to capture the fact that he has tried to remember for 25 minutes.]


Herrad said...


Find that once I have done something like take a pill that I am prone to asking Richie minutes later whether I took the pill.

Its odd but then again so is most of the scenery since this MS trip started.

Take care.

Richie said...

Hi BoRobert. Quite a Monday. It is amazing how MS makes every thing take so long. Real hard work for you.
I hate moving Herrad around. I have fought three rounds in the ring with some one with out causing as much pain and all I am doing is getting her out of bed.
We (Herrad and I not the royal we) think about you and Steve a lot and feel quite a bond with you both.
Take care beautiful man.
Love Richie

Kim said...

Frustration seems to a recurring theme in your lives of late. How utterly crappy to have to deal with that day in and day out. Is the remembering thing constant, or does it come in and out?

Looking forward to giving you a hug and kiss in six days :-)

Herrad said...

How very frustrating.

Thinking of you both.