Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While the cat's away

Yesterday, I sync'ed BR's iPhone with his laptop. Based on the photos he took, it looks like he kept his aunt and mother pretty busy while I was gone

The lawn had its first mowing of the year.

The garage was organized.

All the downstairs rooms were straightened up.

They even found time to play with the neighborhood spider.

We can't thank Beth and Dede enough for all they've done! And all it took was me getting out of the way.


Herrad said...

Hi Steve, Hi BR,

Looks like the ladies got everything well organized.

The spider is great, love it and the feeling of space in the photos.

Bet your night sky is spectacular too?


steve said...

Hi Herrad -

It's like they say, "The stars a night are big and bright deep in the heard of Texas."

Good luck with Ton today!

Kim said...

WOW. That is one organized house. That has to feel great to come back to. I wish I came home to such a lovely sight when I got back from visiting you!