Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wholesome Helper

It's like Hamburger Helper, only wholesome.

I don't know why he's reading the box. He never follows the directions. Yet deliciousness is guaranteed to ensue.


Anonymous said...

So cute, but his mama never follows the directions!!!!Thanks for the picture. That makes me feel like I am in your kitchen.Hugs and kisses, Mama/Dede

B ILL said...

Why is dede anonymous?

Z said...

Where TF does one but wholesome helper?

steve said...

Dede -- yep. Same ingredients. Same meal. Never the same twice.

Billy - I'm just glad she's here. We'll worry about Google accounts later. Did you get unstranded in New England?

Z - Where else? Fiesta! Where the Hamburger Helper is Wholesome, but the hamburger itself has bone chips.