Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Push it up! Push it up! WAAAAY UP!

The pain doctor saw BR this afternoon. He didn't seem worried that BR has not yet responded to the Prialt, telling us that they start with a "center of the bell curve" dose. This means that at this does, about 50% of the people get relief. He then increased the dose from 2 micrograms/day to 9 micrograms/day, saying that BR should definitely notice a difference in pain level by dinner time, but will also likely to have some mild side effects.

He also commented on BR's sacral insufficiency fracture, and repeated the Which doctor's recommendation of sacralplasty. When I said it wasn't considered medically necessary by the insurance company, he was surprised, and offered to make a case on our behalf. Sweet!


Cranky said...

Nice. On both counts.

kmilyun said...

Sweet!!! Good news - finally.
Fingers crossed - ok toes also after I reach down and move em around.

Anonymous said...

BR has never been in the middle of the bell curve on anything!

-- Z

Herrad said...

Hi Steve, Hi BR,
Fingers crossed the pain starts to be less.
Actual can't do that so good anymore so mentally have all fingers and toes crossed.
Big hugs.