Monday, December 7, 2009

And it's in

The doctor came out to let me know that the intrathecal catheter insertion went fine and BR is in the recovery area. He gave me some advice on how to handle any pump alarms, and confirmed my expectations for the rest of the week. We should know in the next couple hours if this first dosage level has any effect.


B ILL said...

sweet, please keep us posted! i think snail venom rocks and stands a good chance of helping:)

Kim said...

fingers remain crossed for continued good news tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Okay, we are sending all good wishes and prayers that this works and you get some relief! How was the cornbread?

Myriam and Randall

PS: Bob, I have a new teaching partner you would just love. It's almost as much fun as teaching with you was...almost!