Monday, December 14, 2009

Is it time for hospice?

BR's neurologist seems to think so. He's going to arrange for an assessment.

Since we returned from Houston, BR has been sleeping long hours. He wakes in the late evening for what would normally be our morning routine. Medication that is normally spread out over 16 hours is condensed into 8. I've been getting to bed around 4am, and am exhausted.


Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

Can't BR's meds be adjusted so he sleeps until 11 am and then starts his daily routine?

Real shame he can't have weed to help him with everything instead of opiates which seem to harm him.
I read Judi's blog,

She is at home and has hospice help.
Hope that BR and you get the help you need.

Thinking of you both.
Big hug.

Cranky said...

Steve - when the prialt trial failed, I knew you folks had looked at it as your last option for pain management and was hoping against hope this shoe wouldn't drop.

Thinking about you both. Worrying about you both.

Anonymous said...

My prayers and love are with you both.Please try to take care of yourself.You are doing way too much for the normal mortal.If you get sick where will ya'll be??Dede

steve said...

Thanks for the supportive comments, Herrad, Cranky, and Dede.

I took a look at Judi's blog and there is some great anecdotal information in there.

BR's experiencing some denial about the need for hospice. I'm really looking forward to having the assessment and getting some independent input on his needs. One of his concerns is losing the ability to take overnight out-of-town trips.