Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The crown didn't fit

I took BR to the dentist today to have a temporary crown replaced with a permanent one. BR always takes a "happy pill" (1mg Ativan) before dental work. Today he took three. In addition to the intended effect, it also left him unfit to drive his iBOT and hallucinating.

Now the dentist has a monitor next to the chair that, when not being used for official business, shows relaxing nature videos. One of the videos is of mountaineers climbing Mount Everest. BR became confused and thought it was live video of the inside of his mouth. He insisted that care be taken not to harm the men crawling around in there.

After putting the new crown in place, the dentist took an x-ray to verify the fit. It showed a gap between the teeth that he felt was too large. He took out the crown and started poking around with one of his dental hooks. BR got wide-eyed, and demanded that the dentist stop hurting him with that unsanitary tool. I swear he was possessed with the spirit of Ignatius J. Reilly. No amount of reassurance from the dentist in his sanitation practices would convince BR to readmit the hook.

Long story short, the dentist took another mold of the tooth, and temporarily installed the malfitting crown. We'll find out tomorrow when the replacement crown will be ready.


B ILL said...

ok, I'm sure the situation is a serious adult matter. But that is damn funny:)
Gotta watch those bicuspid mountain climbers.

Cranky said...

Ativan, the drug that works wonders. Skip takes them for similar situations as she gets quite anxious.

At the dentist, do you transfer BR into the dentist's chair? We are way behind on dental appts because I can't figure out how to get Skip into the dentist's chair anymore. (Oh, but you know that from a post of mine a while ago.)

steve said...

Go ahead and laugh, Billy. Once we were done arguing about who was going to drive the chair, I was able to laugh about it, too.

At the dentist, get them to raise the dental chair and tilt the seat pan back so the BR won't slide down. Then I lean over next to BR's chair, he grabs me around the neck, and I grab him under his thighs. Using the chair back for extra leverage and stability, I squat down to roll his weight over my legs and deadlift him. If it ever gets to the point where he can't hold on around my neck, we will need two people to lift him.

Anonymous said...

You put something in the cookies. Didn't you?

-- Z (or is that D?)

steve said...

Zede - shh. Amy Irving is about to play.