Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's mayan is urine.

Things are looking up! The urologist instructed us to have BR's catheter changed twice while he was taking the antibiotics to keep the tube from reinfecting the bladder. After the first change, no more leaking!

Tuesday was cystoscopy day. Now don't get me wrong. We love this urologist, but the office is straight out of the 1970's. Everything has 30 years of wear and tear on it, and there is the faint scent of every incontinent patient lingering in the air. I would put the average age of the people in the waiting room at about 65, and I've decided to take that as a good sign that his patients stick with him.

The procedure went well -- only discovering the expected irritation on the back of the bladder caused by the constant rubbing of the catheter. It did, however, have the unfortunate side effect of bringing back the leaking. Drats!

Oh, and after the stirrup experience, BR is better equipped than ever to empathize with the entire female race.

Another Thursday. Another catheter change, and we are back to the world of dry.


Cranky said...

Glad that the scope id'ed only an irritation and nothing more.

Funny about the urologist's office. I've noticed that Skip's urologist's waiting room is peopled primarily with male senior citizens. I think that's the nature of their services and who requires them.

I'm impressed BR was able to use stirrups. With Skip's spasticity and inability to use her legs at all, they are virtually impossible to use. Barbaric things, they be. 8-)

suejan said...

I am now cathertrised[better than pads] Had dreadful night-had taken pain killers and they make me constipated so tube came out. Had to have emergency nurses to refit.Have neat flip flow. Feel utterly exhaustedafter they poked and hurt-could have done with stirrups

steve said...

Hi Cranky - I won't lie -- the stirrups were a challenge. We did a lot of leg stretching that morning, which seemed to help.

The only new piece of equipment in the office was the Viagra clock. I kept wondering what it did when it struck twelve.

Suejan - That sounds simply dreadful! Hope you are recovering. BR and talked about the flip flow valve. He really likes using drainage bags and not having to worry about voiding regularly.