Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picking the right tools for the job

You probably have noticed that BR doesn't do a whole lot of posting here. It's not for a lack of desire. He just hasn't been all that comfortable using the computer since going into the wheelchair. Laptop. Wireless keyboard and mouse. Display on big screen TV. Nothing made the task a convenient one.

Lately, he's taken to exploring and using his iPhone, and text messaging in particular. That got me to thinking -- maybe texting posts through Twitter would be a better way for him to keep everyone in the loop. You know, straight from the horse's mouth.

So we set up a Twitter account, and he's starting to send out tweets. You'll find his last five tweets over there on the left.


Kim said...

Thanks for posting the tweets on the blog. I've been trying *really* hard to avoid getting a Twitter account. It's great to hear from BR himself!

steve said...

Hi KimmieG -

Wouldn't have it any other way. I've been resisting Twitter as well -- it seems like a fad to me. But in this case, it seemed like the best way to broadcast "BR Raw".

I'm starting to have second thoughts, though. His first two Twitter "followers" were spammers. If maintaining a clean followers list turns into a time vampire, we'll drop it.

I've also set him up to be able to e-mail from his phone directly to this blog. We'll see which he's more comfortable using.

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

Think if it works for BR then that it is good.

Hope he gets alot out of it.