Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm not dead yet


grahamrdg said...

You look and sound fabulous darling. I was so bummed I couldn't make the trip last week but will reschedule! The grahams say happy 4th and we love both of you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I just wrote in the wrong place!!!!When you are recording a video, you could say "hello mama" to make me very happy!!!!!You look and sound great, and that chicken made me hungry!!!!!Yum Yum.Much love, D

Jaylene said...

Hey BobRobert. Looking forward to seeing you and Steve soon. Was nice to talk to you over the weekend and you look pretty darn good there in that video. See you soon.


Kim said...

I for one am glad to hear it :-)

Hugs and kisses from the land of cows and corn,


Cranky said...

Let me echo what Kim said! Tho, this is the land of rain and clouds. 8-)

Herrad said...

Hi Br,

Too late here, its 2.30 am so very tired.

Just wanted too send you a vbig hug and lots of love.

Also to Steve.

steve said...

He does look pretty darn good, doesn't he? I think I'll keep him.