Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beggars can't be choosers, I guess

I was able to get BR an appointment with a "Urology Team" today. I was really relieved that we wouldn't have to be making another visit to the ER. Unfortunately, the urologist wanted to treat BR as a new patient, not as a patient with an urgent issue.

"I can't treat you until I get the results of a urodynamics test"

"What does that do?"

"It measures the strength of your pelvic floor."

"We already know his pelvic floor muscles are all messed up. That's why he has the suprapubic catheter."

"Think of it as a cardiologist ordering an EKG."

"OK. Where do we go to get one."

"You'll have to come back in two weeks."

"But it hurts and leaks now!"

We finally got her to sit and listen to what lead up to the current situation. I explained about the bad tube change, and how none of the changes since have done any good. I also explained my theory that maybe the nurse was over-inflating the catheter balloon, and that was causing the bladder to spasm and release through the urethra, thinking it was full.

"How much is she putting in?"

"I think she's shooting for 30cc."

"That's way too much. 10cc should be enough. Let's check that."

She then pulls 25cc of water from the balloon, and puts 10cc back.

We scheduled the test and said our goodbyes, not really happy with the experience.

Fortunately, BR's spasms have reduced in frequency and severity. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


Richie said...

Reductionist science! Medicine is unique in that the practitioner has the chance of getting information directly from within the phenomena but the practitioner is trained to ignore that input. It is a shame there was no ten point protocol for asking the patient what is wrong. Perhaps we should devise one, patent it and sell it to doctors- if they pay for the privilege they might value listening to people!

Herrad said...

Hi BR, Hi Steve,

Bloody hell all that pain and discomfort because the nurse put in much too muc water, must be no more than 10cc.

You poor sweet darling BR, feel very upset and boiling mad at this latest bit of shit for you.

Oh well at least that is sorted out now hope you notice a difference today.

Take it easay.

Much Love and big hugs,


Cranky said...

Steve - how frustrating. I hope the smaller balloon stops the spasms and leaking. Does BR take anything like Datrol for the bladder spasms? Skip started using it years ago for bladder spasms and it basically corrected the issue.