Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Subject: Your backorder has been shipped

Want to fly from Austin to Chicago on a clear day? No problem.
Bad weather in Denver? Your flight to Chicago has been canceled.

It seems that as companies try to squeeze the very last drop of efficiency out of their operations, they also squeeze out all ability to deal with anything but the ordinary. We ordered BR's coude catheter on September 18. It was scheduled to ship on the 21st. Then the 22nd. Then it was marked "on backorder." That's not a good sign. A call on the 23rd revealed that the Fort Worth warehouse was out of stock, but the Jacksonville warehouse had some. It should ship within 24 hours and be delivered within 3 days.

Yet the web site never changed: "on backorder, scheduled to ship 9/22"

A call yesterday revealed the same information: Fort Worth doesn't have it, but Jacksonville does. It will ship within 24 hours.

Paint me skeptical.

This morning I got the e-mail I had been waiting for: Your backorder has been shipped

It should be here some time Thursday, so we'll move the home nurse visit from Wednesday to Friday, change the tube, and know by the end of the week if more drastic measures will be necessary to bring BR's bladder under control.


Herrad said...

Hi Steve,
I hate those mails, especially when you get daily updates with different stories.
Hope it arrives soon and sorts out BR's probleems.
Sending you both a big hug.

Kim said...

What must be particularly maddening is that you're dealing with a medical device that is directly impacting quality of life. Clearly, this company has no concept of customer service. Here's hoping it arrives and works!

love to you both,

Anonymous said...

I really hope it arrives this time and it corrects the problem.I hope you two are getting this lovely weather.It is wonderful.You might require a sweater on your walks!!Hugs, Dede

steve said...

Ladies - the coude catheter arrived today, so we are on for a change tomorrow. Keep those fingers crossed!