Saturday, September 12, 2009

Odd MS symptoms

BR has a couple of symptoms that seem to be pretty out of the ordinary.

First, he has become extremely photo-sensitive. Bright, or over-head lights make his eyes flash. You may have noticed the "Gilligan" hat in his latest photos.

We went to an ophthalmologist last week, and despite our 2:30pm appointment, he was among the last patients to be seen. The "technician" didn't really understand how the equipment could be adapted so BR didn't have to get out of his chair, and the Doctor spent less than 5 minutes with us before ordering further tests that couldn't be completed that same day. Grrrr.

The photo-sensitivity has caused us to become civically active. We have a streetlamp directly in front of our porch which shines brightly after dark. Three months ago, I submitted a request to the property owner's association to have the light shielded so that BR can comfortably use the front porch after dark without wearing sunglasses and floppy hats. Last Wednesday, we had our meeting with the development's New Construction Council, and they were very accommodating. The light has since been temporarily disabled, and they are working on a permanent solution.

But the weirdest symptom we've been dealing with is a shift in either BR's jaw or teeth. For nearly a year, he has been chewing with just two molars. The rest of his teeth no longer meet. We also found out from his dentist that one of those two molars is likely dead. Not really sure what is an acceptable solution to this one.


Herrad said...

Hi Steve,
Glad the council were helpful, good job you helped them to be like that with your great research, the lights in the photos look like prison floodlights, they are so bright I could almost feel my eyes watering.
Teeth being affected too, I am not really surprised as MS seems to attack everything.
Hope you both have a very pleasant weekend.

B ILL said...

Wow, good report. Steve for President!

kmilyun said...

Nice that your efforts on the lighting situation brought positive results.

In our neighborhood here I think the only solution would be a can of black spray paint :0

I had a back molar pulled and the migration of my teeth backward ever so slightly according to the dentist (KRP's brother) should not be a problem - yeah right since it was the side that I chew with.

The mechanics involved in chewing and swallowing can make eating a royal cluster f at times for me. The removal of the dang tooth messed me up because for whatever reason I can not seem to use the other side.

Hope you and BR find a workable solution.