Friday, September 18, 2009

Physician burnout

As we prepare for our sixth visit to the urologist in two months, I realize that I am suffering from physician burnout. So many doctors taking their sweet time to address increasingly acute issues. So much time away from work. So much time away from fun. So much time sitting in waiting rooms and examination rooms. So little interpersonal skills. So little hope.

I'd pay good money to the first internet-based medical practice. Send trained, sympathetic technicians to my home with all the necessary equipment, including a high resolution camera. Interact with the doctor through a video chat, with the technician acting as the doctor's "remote hands". House calls for the 21st century. If doctors aren't going to act like human beings, why should it be necessary to see them in the flesh?


Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

Good idea,try to take it easy, hope you have a good weekend, despite all your problems.

Cranky said...

Steve - I feel a lot of the same frustration. I know you feel you need to be there, but is there anyone else who can take some of the load and go with BR to a share of the appts?

I found the MS clinic appts with Skip's neurologist so frustrating that I didn't go for a year or two.

steve said...

Hi Herrad - will definitely be taking it easy. Change is often difficult, and as BR's symptoms progress, I have to expect the routine to change as well.

So far, I have been BR's health advocate as well as his caregiver. The times when I have not attended appointments, important information was forgotten before I could talk with him.

I wish I could ask the neighbors for help, but they all have day jobs, making it difficult for us to impose on them to help with medical appointments.

I still hope that getting a housekeeper will free up some time for more relaxation and fun.

Amanda said...

Hi there Steve - I'm a long time lurker and I look forward to each one of your updates! I don't know if this will be helpful to you - but shows at least that there is SOME hope for online/interactive medical practice in the future. I wish you and BR the best! Amanda

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain and frustration.Thank you for sharing the 4 options.A maid sounds like a wonderful idea and I hope ya'll find one soon!!!!!You have just too much on your plate!!!I just read Chandler was on her way to Austin.You might have a visit?!Geoux tigers!!!Love you

steve said...

Hi Amanda -

Hello Health sounds like a good first step. I've found that many doctors won't do phone consultations because they don't get paid for them. Internet consultations are pretty much the same as a phone consultation, but a process can be put in place to collect payment in advance.

I want them to take it to the next level -- internet consultations that are the same as an office visit, complete with telemetry and human observation. Pricing it somewhere between a home care nurse visit and a doctor office visit, and insurance companies should be supportive.

Hi Dede - We missed Chandler's call. Hope she's having fun!