Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorial Day Prayer

When BR and I lived in San Francisco, I would drive past the Golden Gate National Cemetery on my way to work. Each day I would take note of the large American flag flying near the intersection of interstates 280 and 380. A flag at half staff meant that another soldier had lost his life, most likely in Iraq. Another family shattered. There were months when I never saw the flag reach full staff.

As I passed the cemetery, I would say a brief prayer of thanks to the brave people who make up our volunteer armed forces, and to the families who support them. And most of all, I would pray that our leaders would understand what a great gift a strong military force is -- to be used sparingly in the preservation of our country and its citizens.

There is a lot of evil in this world, much taking the form of people with power operating under selfish motivations. My sincerest hope this Memorial Day is that every US citizen can honor those we have lost to war by upholding the highest of ideals that this country represents. To excel at charity and the humanities, as well as enterprise and sport. To find time to impart expertise, and to learn from experts. And to listen -- really listen -- to the messages that the planet and its people so desperately want us to hear.


Anonymous said...

So true and beautifully written!!Love you both.

Richie said...
we must be able to do better!

steve said...

Hi Richie - Why are there so many who only respect the sword? Why does one culture build itself on the backs of others? Why are those with the most to defend the farthest from true happiness?

Richie said...

It is hard to grasp the truth that slave owners can never themselves be free. War is never good for the people that is why the military need democracy- Brecht described the way the .... as I loose my self in terminal pretentiousness I must go and attend to Herrad love R