Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras time again

It's that time of year again. Mardi Gras time! It was 1992 when BR talked a group of us into a road trip from Dallas to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I instantly fell in love with the city. As Anne Rice said, New Orleans is a city of "preservation through neglect." So many beautiful old buildings that nobody bothered to tear down.

Every year when Mardi Gras comes around, I do everything I can to justify making the trip. "You deserve a vacation." "You'll get to see so many friends with just one trip." "It's a late Mardi Gras this year -- those are always the best!" "You'll be driving this year, so you'll save money on airfare." And the newest, "BR may not be able to go next year." But when push came to shove, the budget just couldn't absorb the cost.

I guess I'll just have to wax nostalgic.


Richie said...

I dipped out on Carnival culture. Not any tradition where I was born or any where I have wandered. It make sense to have a wild few days before spring gets swinging. I shall cross dress Tuesday evening and show my tit to any one who asks !

herrad said...

We left Trinidad when I was 11 still have nice memories of Carnival.

Germany was fun but the costumes not as wild and free.

Shame you can't go this year.
Can you catch any on tv or radio?

Take care.

steve said... has webcasts of some of the parades. The Bacchus parade is this evening, and is usually quite the spectacle.

Anonymous said...

Lauauauauaved it dahling!! Dede and I just previewed your MG show and wish we could all meet there Tuesday....ahhh those were the days..... :) Debo and Dede

steve said...

Good lord, Richie. Don't go making promises you can't keep. Herrad, we are all expecting you to keep him to his word. And take pictures.

Richie said...

My dressed persona is Margery a 49 year old lesbian punk rocker who always wears jeans and a t shirt. I do my best to be authentic but I have trouble being butch enough.