Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breaking out of isolation

Since arriving in Austin nearly six months ago, BR and I have yet to seriously work at building new friendships. Our existing support system of friends from all over the country have been great at sustaining our interpersonal skills. Still, as the months pass, I notice that we remain disconnected from the citizens of our new home town.

Back when we lived in San Francisco, I met people through work, as well as by volunteering at Magnet, a gay men's health clinic. BR made friends through his work as a school teacher. And we both have met some great people over drinks at the neighborhood bars.

Things have changed, and we need to find new ways to meet people with similar interests in our area.

For BR, we are considering an Adult Day Center as a way for him to get out and socialize while I'm working. They would have a nurse on staff, in case any medical issues should arise (read: another seizure). Of course we are a bit concerned that BR will be the youngest person there, but it might lead to additional opportunities for him. The social network has to start somewhere.

As for myself, I'm considering volunteering at a local public school. On days when he's up to it, BR and I could even do this together.

If you have any suggestions, send them our way! We'll keep you posted on our progress.


Anonymous said...

I think the idea of the Adult Day Center would be good for both Bob and the people he would meet. I can understand his anxiousness VERY well.

I teach an adult Bible study on Wednesday nights at my church. It's a senior group...everyone there is old enough to be either my parent or grandparent. I'm the baby in the group..and I'm the teacher! But they have accepted me and continue to encourage my efforts. And I continue to come away blessed by the interaction.

He should give it a shot. And I'll continue to pray for you both in the meantime.


herrad said...

Hi Steve and BR,

Great plan and like all great plans it is always worrying to do the first time.
Good luck to you both.
Something ventured something gained.
Sending you good thoughts and alot of love.

herrad said...

Hi Steve, Hi BoRobert,

Hope you both have a nice weekend together.

And keep each other warm and happy, cuddling is highly recomended.

It´s not so easy to do and the skin contact can be painful but it´s the best for your mind and your emotions.

Take care you lovely people.
Lots of love,