Thursday, February 19, 2009

A city that takes care of its own

S.F.'s once-missing Millie back in North Beach

(02-19) 19:21 PST -- Millie's finally back in town, so all is well again in North Beach.

The 85-year-old street icon with the beaming, toothless smile and ever-ready Polaroid camera was fetched from Reno Wednesday night by friends, and by today she was back at her rounds.

You can read the rest on Some say San Francisco has a "street people" problem. While living there, I preferred to call them San Franciscans.


Richie said...

Thanks for the story. It reminded me of Theo. He was an old sea dog who never quite got the hang of living shore side. About ten in the morning I would hear him shouting up the street. He would stop at the deli for his free sandwiches and milk and then berate Mr Ensink for not giving him beer. He would make his way to the square sit on the bench and give a loud commentary on the neighbourhood. I was back in England for a couple of years and on my return he was gone.
The old neighbourhood has been cleaned up -middle class influx- high rents and even the old tough guys bar is now a nice restaurant. The death of Theo was the link with the old Amsterdam sea port being lost.

herrad said...

I remember Theo too he could tell a good story of his many travels.

He was not a fan of this capitlistic system prefering humanity to accumulating wealth.

He was also a painter and a great character.

Still miss him.