Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year, New Symptom

Yesterday, BR's MS broke new ground. While having his hair shampooed, he experienced a seizure. In all, it lasted a little over five minutes, during which he was unresponsive and screaming. He even stopped breathing for a short period. Josue called for an ambulance, which arrived a few minutes after the seizure ended. After being checked out by the EMTs, BR seemed back to normal, so we declined the ambulance and made plans to visit the ER on our own.

About 15 minutes after the EMTs left, as Josue was getting BR into his wheelchair, BR had another, much less severe seizure. But it was enough for us to call the ambulance back to bring BR to Seton Medical Center.

I'll let BR take it from here.


herrad said...

Just listened to BR's account of going to the hospital after the seizures on January 9.

Same day the catheter fell out and we had to call the emergency doctors.

Well BR and Steve thinking anout you both and sending you tons of love from Amsaterdam.

ps I am Richie's partner.

Richie said...

Scarey one my darling- best not repeated!
Herrad had a seizure like that (all be it not as severe) when we tried a trip out in the wheelchair last year. She did not take the usual THC first and the vibration from the cobblestones caused her to start spasming and then go into a more devestating all over seizure. We were only two minutes from the house but it took forever to get her safe inside. The next journey she had a vapour bag before we left and it was all fine again. Now we have a bag (or two) before any procedure that may cause a reaction. It works for us.


Hi Steve and Bob,

I have just discovered your blog (came over from a comment you left at Herrad's blog) and hope that you both are doing well.