Tuesday, January 27, 2009

blogging through tears

Pump trial -- day two -- twice the dosage -- no effect.

Back on patches and break-through. BR is loopy as all get out, and still says the pain is an "8".

disappointment. anger. sadness. give me a minute to make up the guest room. looks like y'all will be staying for a while.



I'm so sorry to hear that. Must be terrible to experience for both of you. I hope that day 3 is better.

steve said...

there is no day three. the trial is a failure. no pump.

Jayesh said...

I feel very sorry. I wish strength for both of you to endure this pain.

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you both.
Is there anything else the doctors can do?


Kim Gaffney said...

Oh no! Do you have any other options left to try for pain management? Sending lots and lots of love your way.