Monday, January 19, 2009

The intrathecal pump trial is a go!

BR and I just got back from the Pain Management doctor's office, where BR passed his psych evaluation. We now have the go-ahead for an intrathecal pump trial this coming Monday and Tuesday.

On one day, pain medication will be injected directly into BR's spine. He will then be observed over the following 4 hours and effectiveness will be noted. On the other day, a placebo will be used in the same procedure. If the medication is effective, we'll move forward with having a pump implanted.

Medtronics has some good information about the pump on their web site. They have a video, too.


herrad said...

Hope it works as constant pain is horrible.

Shame you can not use cannabis for pain relief.

I do and it really helps me alot, the Neurologists here recommend it as the best painrelief for MS.

Understood that there are now a few states where it is allowed.

Thinking about you alot.

Sending love from Amsterdam.


herrad said...

Here is a link so you can see the type of shower chair I have.

Got it from Amsterdam council.

It made shower time good again, now that has diminished due to my body getting weaker.

It's a great piece of equipment and means Richie can dress me in the chair without rolling me around.



Richie said...

I hope all goes well and you get some relief!
Love richie

herrad said...

Thinking about you both hope tomorrow goes well.


Kim Gaffney said...

Woo! I hope that it helps with the pain.