Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soul crushingly painful decisions

BR and I arrived in San Francisco in June of 2004. Even before we arrived, this city threw its arms around us and made us feel more welcome than we could have ever imagined. That's because in February 2004, BR and I joined the thousands of other couples in claiming the legal rights and obligations that most take for granted ... the right to marry the one you love.

Turns out, that document wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, but it set the tone for the next four years. A spouse keeps you grounded in the face of unimaginable bounty (fleeting as it was). He keeps you going when bed feels like the only safe place. And he makes you understand that not all things are under your control

So once again we are offering our fate to a higher power, and taking steps to prepare for whichever way Fortuna's wheel spins us.

In other words, we are moving to Austin at the end of August. Here are the highlights of the current plan (subject to change without notice):
  • My boss is graciously allowing me to keep my Staff Engineer position at VMware. I will be working remotely from VMware's Austin office starting September 8th.
  • Once we arrive in Austin, BR and I will be living in an extended stay hotel for at least a month while we look for suitable housing. I know it sounds crazy, but it turns out to be break even compared to our current living expenses. We'll put all our stuff in storage and are open to offers on the furniture. $-)
  • We have already identified a primary care doctor for BR, and have an appointment for the first week of September. It shouldn't take long to fill out his medical team with an afternoon caregiver, an in-home nursing service to regularly change his suprapubic cystostomy tube, and a neurologist to monitor the MS progression.

We have come to love San Francisco -- evenings sitting on the stoop chatting with neighbors, Broadway shows -- we saw Tuna Does Vegas last month, and most of all the cool friends and cool temperatures that seem to help with BR's pain.

So Austin, you'd better have a Margarita waiting on us at the airport. We'll forgive you if you won't marry us, if you'll forgive us for leaving our heart with another city.

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