Monday, July 28, 2008

BR starts Rituxan treatment

It's been a very eventful day. BR received his first infusion of Rituxan. Hear about it directly from him by clicking the play button on his big mouth.

Rituxan is approved to treat cancer and arthritis, but not MS. However, there have been studies that seem to indicate that it can stop MS progression and give the body a chance to heal.


the duchesss said...

Hello my dear Bob. It is wonderful to see you this morning and hear about this treatment. I almost called you yesterday for an update! You've been much too quiet. When are you coming to Austin? I love you.
-the duchess, (the duke and Adelaide love you too!

Jaylene said...

WOW, wow, wow!!!. This is very exciting news and I could not be happier and to see your spirit! Of course with Sandi Patti playing in the background and your thoughts to all of us...I cried like a big ole girl! You ARE lucky to have Steve, but he is equally lucky to have you. I miss and love you both and hope to see you soon. You are my best friend...I know I am pathetic. ;-) (inside jock all).

XO, Jaylene

dan said...

Bob, you look and sound amazing. I love that you've started a video blog. It will be great to visit with you on a regular basis.

Oh, and your hair was not a mess.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear your news, Bob, and to see you on video sharing this with your friends. You and Steve have a safe trip to Austin, and I hope to visit you there soon.

Love and hugs from Donna, Garry, Spirit and Dingo (enroute to Atlanta with your metal animal sculpture that used to perch on the roof in Baton Rouge)

Matthew W said...

Hello My Dear Friend BobRobert,
You are an inspiration to me and most of the people I know. Your strong will to make the most out of everything continues to amaze me. I miss hearing from you as much as I have in the past, but please know that my heart, my love, and my unconditional support will always be with. You are truly an amazing friend and person. One day I hope to grow up and be a man more like yourself. Continue forward and know that I always think about you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Bob Dear -

Thanks so much for including us. Paul and I appreciate keeping up with you and Steve as you fight this battle. So glad you are able to tolerate Rituxan, and darling, your hair looks fabulous. The last time I took a spin on "The Wheel of Fortuna," I was at Carnival in P-town! Just lovely dear.

Lots of love to you and Steve.

Jay & Paul

cyn said...

br and steve, you both are such incredible spirits. thank you so much for recording and posting this - you really made my morning. love ya
cynthia and lina

Meredith said...

My dear friend,
How wonderful to see you talking to all of us in person! We're so thrilled you started this. It will be wonderful to hear the updates of this exciting new treatment. We're so glad that you got through the first one with flying colors....not that we'd expect any less.

What are your plans in Austin? When are you going?

You are dearly missed and thought of more often than you know.

Meredith, Andrew and Baby Addison