Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I can't hear you!

Lately, I've been giving Cranky a run for her money. Now that the bladder issues are under control, BR's pain level has reprised its role as primary complaint. He's upped his breakthrough medications, and we are now fighting the associated mental fog, both figuratively and verbally.

Our first line of defense, Adderall, seems to be losing its effectiveness. BR is able to stay awake more, but I'm having a hard time adapting to the slow, quiet, imprecise, and constant communication that has become the norm. It got so bad last night that I had a bit of a panic attack.

I'm working on my relaxation techniques, and praying for the patience needed to make BR feel understood.


Cranky said...

Steve - I am an impatient sort, I would be very cranky under similar circumstances.

Looks like I'll have to amp up my crankiness to maintain cranky supremacy!

steve said...

As much as BR and I enjoy reading your tales of crankiness, I don't think I could live with collateral damage a cranky-tition might cause.

I'd just be honored to be considered as part of the cranky caregiver cabal.

Herrad said...

Hi Steve, Hi BR,

Thinking about you both and sending you hugs.

Cranky said...

Steve - sounds good! A cranky caregiver cabal sounds perfect.