Saturday, August 8, 2009

Eureka! Area Man Discovers Potential Breakthrough in Suprapubic Catheter Management

AUSTIN, TX -- Steve, after struggling for months to find a solution to Bobrobert's clogged catheters, has discovered a simple technique which he believes will keep the Yellow River from breaching its levees.

"You see, about 10 days after a tube change, the new one just seems to stop working. But I noticed that when BR's legs are stretched, the flow starts back up again for a short period."

It was during one such stretching session that the idea finally hit him.

"What if I tape the tube to alternating legs each day? That should change up the angle that the catheter rests against the bladder wall."

Steve hopes that in regularly changing the catheter angle, bacteria will have less of a chance to build a dam of sediment around the tube openings.

Bobrobert is all for giving it a try. "Hell. I'd chew off my right foot if I thought it might get me out of these diapers."

After the first day on the opposite leg, the tube has been flowing well. Says Steve, "One more day of dry, and BR's wish will be granted."


Lisa Emrich said...

Yeah!! Sounds like a great breakthrough!! Keep the river flowing.

Cranky said...

Sounds like a good creative solution!

Also, does irrigation work for suprapubic catheters (not sure if foleys are used)? That clears out the junk that builds up in foley catheters. We usually irrigate halfway between changes.

B ILL said...

This story may make front page news :)

Herrad said...

Hi Steve, Hi BR,
Hope it works good luck.

steve said...

Happy to report that alternating legs every two days has kept the tube clear for the last week.

Cranky - I really should learn how to irrigate the catheter. Herrad and Richie have also mentioned their success with the technique. After witnessing the cystoscopy, a little tube irrigation seems like a walk in the park.

Cranky said...

Steve - irrigation is amazingly easy, though I didn't want to try it before getting a demonstration from someone who knew how to do it, since I didn't want to chance causing any problems that might lead to infection. Skip has a nurse come once a week for a wound check who showed me how to do it. Perhaps BR's urologist has a nurse that could do the same?