Saturday, June 6, 2009

Closing the door on Spinal Cord Stimulation

One month after agreeing with the pain management team to move forward with a cervical SCS trial, and one week after getting a tentative date, the pain management team has pulled the plug on the trial. Doctor CYA doesn't feel that the risk-to-benefit ratio is low enough. I really wish he would have told us this back in mid-April, so we could have moved on to treating BR's other symptoms.

The pain management team will now be exclusively playing the role of providers of controlled substances, per Texas law. We are moving back to Percocet from Norco for break-through pain. We will also be talking to the neurologist about SCS affects on motor ability, and Solu-medrol infusions to treat fatigue and weight loss.


Richie said...

It must be great to be a doctor... or if you didn't want so much authority perhaps God.
The blessed white coated priest has spoken- rejoice for it is all for your benefit.
Here is hoping that they stumble upon an appropriate way of supporting BR
lots of love

kmilyun said...

After I read this all I could come up with was WTF and it sucks dealing with Dr. Know-it-All's.

Peace, Love, Joy, to you and BR


Herrad said...

Hi Steve,Hi BR,


How can they say no without trying.

I agree with Richie's comment.

Are there no thc alternatives available?

I drink two small bottles of food supplement everyday.

It has increased my weight.

Take it easy.

Cranky said...

Steve - Richie's comment pretty much captures my thoughts. What a crappy situation.

steve said...

Richie - Medicine really is quite the odd profession. The better the doctor is, the more patients she has. The more patients, the less time per patient. Less time per patient leads to less innovation. And innovation is why we go to see the expert doctor in the first place!

Jan - I'm struggling to find peace right now, but I do feel the love.

Herrad - Big Donkey Bollocks! Pain management, especially here in Texas, has become a farce where the doctors are so afraid of the medical board, they won't deviate from common practice. Those on the fringe with non-mainstream presentations of non-mainstream illnesses end up suffering.

Cranky - I feel like we are in the middle of a never ending crap storm. MS is a wildfire that can never be completely contained. Just when we settle on a plan of attack, the winds shift.

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