Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax day aftermath

Can someone call Chris and Mariska? I've just been molested by my Uncle Sam's weird friend. I can't bring myself to say his name, so I'll just use his initials -- AMT.

Last year, he touched me inappropriately, leaving me confused with a sick feeling in my stomach. But this year it was a full on assault.

Seems that in financing our relocation from California to Texas through the exercising of stock options, I caught AMT's attention. I tried to reason with him. "I used the money to buy and remodel a home closer to my disabled partner's family," I pleaded. "I'm paying for his caregiver, which creates a job and lets me keep my own." No reaction. "I'm paying for his medical insurance and bills, including hundreds per month in medications alone. We bought a wheelchair conversion van to stay active and productive members of society."

"You're just a couple of fags," he muttered as he tore down my pants and grabbed my checkbook.

"But I need that money to pay for BR's care!"

"Shut up and bend over."


Cranky said...

Steve - I was so bitter and angry when I did my taxes. I can completely relate.

Richie said...

Fortunately I am financially illiterate so I just get handed a bill from my bookkeeper and I pay it without worrying and with the sure knowledge I am being suckered. I know what it will be well in advance so I just stick it in an interest account and pay on the last day. They get the money but still send me demands for the money they have already had.
That AMT does seem be to a pretty low blow. Aimed just at people who need it most.
It is often repeated in England that income tax is only a temporary measure- introduced to help beat Bonaparte.

Kim said...

o_O oh my
That sounds positively dreadful

steve said...

If we could get married, I would be able to set up a dependent health care spending account for BR and pay for all of his medical and care expenses tax free. Instead, I'm going to have to get BR on SSI and Medicare in an effort to stop the drain on my retirement savings.

Under what political ideology, conservative or liberal, is government dependence preferable to citizens taking care of one other? We don't want to be forced into the public safety net! The government should be encouraging people that have to care for those that don't, not taxing them.

I guess I need to set up a non-profit chartered with BR's care, and donate to it. Or maybe adopt him. But I'd rather just get married.

awb said...

Steve - Sorry things are such a hassle for you both, I too thought the idea was that we were to take care of each other. I hope this shakes out soon,it's already been going on far to long.


Sabine said...

Steve, you are so right - taxes suck! and in you guys' case it's even worse, it's unbelievable stupid that the State doesn't allow you to claim BR's expenses.
One would think that it is indeed in the State's interest to allow folks to take care of each other instead of letting them fall through into the safety net (not sure if 'safety' actually applies!??!?!?) despite whatever political conviction. When will America finally wake up???
Hang in there man!