Saturday, April 11, 2009

SCS trial ends without achieving goals

The trial is over. The wires were removed yesterday.

Click here for pictures of the wires being pulled out.

For the trial to be considered a success by the insurance company, BR's pain level would need to have dropped from the 6-8 range to the 3-4 range. After a week of experimenting, we were only able to get it down to the 5-7 range. So there will be no permanent lumbar stimulation implant.

The pain management team is going to consider a cervical trial, but nothing definite yet. In the mean time, we are bringing the Fentanyl dosage back up, and are considering biofeedback as a way to break the anxiety-pain cycle.

Last night was another wonderfully social evening on the front porch. We shared some good Absinthe with the neighbors, and started planning a block party for late May.



Glad you had a nice social evening, but darn it for the lack of 'success' with the SCS trial. By the way, my stomach did a little flip-flop looking at the wires coming out. Yikes.

steve said...

You know, you're right Lisa. I've moved the images behind a link to protect the squeamish.

Herrad said...

Hi Steve, Hi BR,

Cursed when I read that trial was not sucessful for the insurance company.

I am one of the squeamish, spend alot of time hiding when there is any sign of blood on the tv.

Will try to click it open soon for now prefer to look at your wonderful smiling face BR and the lovely dog on your lap.

Its a lovely picture.

Love the idea of socialising on the porch sounds good fun.

Have a great weekend.



Cranky said...

Lisa and Herrad captured my sentiments - great for the socializing, bummer on the SCS trial. Hope they agree to give the other option a try (if BR is game for it).

Richie said...

I can only repeat the mix of disappointment for the trial and joy for the lovely photo. Friends on a porch sounds a great way to spend an evening. I guess my equivalent is a terrace outside a cafe (or more likely coffee shop for me).
I love that gentle feeling as the evening sinks into night- I guess you are further South and don't get such a long twilight.
I never got to try Absinthe in my drinking days- given it's reputation and my history of crazy antics it is probably just as well.
Happy Easter

Kim said...



Bobrobert said...

All - I know. Bummer. Dang. Yikes. Curses. Crazy antics.