Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BR's iBOT takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

The iBOT repair man arrived on the 22nd to assess the damage to the iBOT after BR's fall down the front steps. I had noted that the headrest was bent, and that a cast aluminum panel that held the right leg rest in place had cracked, leaving the leg rest usable but unstable. After describing the incident to the repair man, he gave the chair a once-over. To his surprise, the two items I noted for repair were the only things he could find wrong as well. Whew! That thing is really built like a tank! He ordered the parts and returned the following Wednesday to make the repairs -- just in time for us to load up in the minivan and head to Louisiana for Nanny's memorial service.

BR with Sarah-Beth in Belcher.

Jordan and Steve on the couch.

It was great to spend the weekend with family. Jordan joined us for the road trip, and got to experience first hand the brand of love grown only in Belcher. Food and drink were plentiful, and I took time to perform some routine maintenance on BR's mother's and uncle's computers. Uncle Mickey's had gotten into a state where antivirus protection failed to start, and Windows patches failed to install. I found the solution in Microsoft's knowledge base, and after a few hours of downloads, ACL resets, and Service Pack installations, the computer rebooted without any errors and protected with antivirus.

When we returned to Austin, we were greeted by our friend Jeanne. She had flown in from Oakland to spend some of her spring break with us. We love Jeanne, and hadn't seen her since her 50th birthday celebration at Jazz Fest in New Orleans last year. She was a delight as usual, and we took advantage of the beautiful weather by spending Tuesday walking in the neighborhood park, and eating a Polynesian-Mexican meal at the Hula Hut on Lake Austin.

Jeanne and BR at the greenway waterfall

I return to work tomorrow, so I spent today planning our Easter Chapeau party on Sunday. I also made a run to the Home Depot to pick up a 6"x6"x8' post to protect BR from the front steps when he's on the porch. With the post in place, BR will be able to spend time unsupervised on the porch once again. Yippee!

Front steps before ...

... and with the post in place.


kmilyun said...

Good luck shines upon the ibot yeah!
Sounds like you all had a super great weekend - nothing like a good time with family.

Glad to see you found a solution to the porch and making it safe. Socializing is so important and I am glad the BR will get to enjoy his porch time.

The pics are great - photos and video always relay or help me visualize better what is typed.
Thank you for sharing. Sad that there was a memorial service to attend - a celebration and remembrance of a life - BR's (and your) Nanny.

Did you get your hair cut?

Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

Hey guys maybe I am missing something but why no ramp?

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

steve said...

Hi Jan - Good weekend, indeed. Hair is still out of control, and now I have a funny sun burn mark across my forehead from wearing a bandana on our walk in the park.

Hi Patrick - The house is wheelchair accessible through the back door. The front porch is just wide enough to let BR exit and turn without going down the front steps. Hasn't been a problem until recently, and it was a bit of a badge of honor that he could maneuver the chair so accurately. The post is a concession to the reality that he no longer has that level of skill.

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,
Great adaptation, nice and simple and effective, brilliant.
Have a good chapeau party, looking forward to seeing the photos.
Wish er could be there too.