Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now face west. Now face north.

I arrived at the Oakland airport Sunday evening. Immediately upon touchdown, I texted BR requesting Superbowl updates. He did a great job keeping me informed until I could get in my rental car and find the game on the radio.

Football on the radio is a challenge for someone who isn't a die-hard team fan. I don't know the names of all the Saints players, so often an exciting play would happen, and I wouldn't know for several minutes whether to cheer or cry. But there was no mistaking that finish. WOO HOO!

It's Thursday now. Only two more work days, then a flight to Chicago on Saturday to spend Valentine's Day with my family. Mom's already started having overnight trips out of the nursing home, and expects to be home full time by the end of the month. I repeat, WOO HOO!

This trip, I expect to help my father around the house making preparations for the homecoming. He's not had internet service since moving, so we'll make a plan to get that up and running. My sisters have already taken care of daily living adjustments with the overnight visit. I expect the biggest preparations remaining will be mental. Mom hasn't lived at home since July 2008 -- nearly two years. Habits change. Depression forms like a fog that occasionally burns off, only to return at night. Coping becomes a solitary activity.

Monday will find me back in Austin. I've caught wind of some good "Cat's Away" stories, and hope that BR will feel up to sharing them.


Cranky said...

Steve - that was a great game on Sunday. I was so glad to see the Saints climb out of the small hole they were in and go on to victory.

Pretty exciting about your mother getting out of the nursing home. I always thought nursing home admissions were pretty much one-way. Once in, you don't come out.

Anonymous said...

what a blessing Jordan is!!!!!!I hope the mouse has behaved!Your mother is young, and I knew she would bounce back.Hope everything goes smoothly with the transition.Hugs, Dede
Be my Valentine.