Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now a warning?

BR had his second Rituxan infusion this past Monday, and tolerated it very well. Now the waiting begins.

Before the first infusion, his neurologist expressed concern over one of his blood test results. It appears that BR had been exposed to Hepatitis B, and his body was able to successfully fight it off. But fighting off Hep B doesn't mean eliminating it. Many people carry the dormant virus with no ill effects.

That is until they take Rituxan.

We saw a GI doctor on Wednesday, and she has prescribed a six month suite of an antiviral drug called Lamivudine, just to make sure the Hep B doesn't come back. More pills. More side effects to watch for.

In other news, our move to Austin is still on schedule. The movers come on Wednesday, August 27, and our flight is on the 28th.

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Toni said...

dad told me you guys were moving down here, but i didn't realize it was so soon!! i'm leaving to go on an alaskan cruise with him tomorrow, but i will give you guys a call when i get back! welcome to austin!!